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Capturing the essence of your loved one, as you farewell them with love, empathy, grace and compassion….

When someone you love deeply dies, the calendar of your life changes forever, it gets divided into the time before and after that moment.

I consider it an honour and privilege to support families throughout the transitional period, helping you to create a meaningful and personal funeral service  befitting your loved one, with love, support and grace.

There is a much needed change happening in the funeral industry, in the way in which funeral ceremonies are created and presented. Gone are the days in which ‘one ceremony fits all’ and celebrants use pre written paragraphs and words, which I am sure you have all heard before.

I believe that a funeral ceremony should truly ‘capture the essence’ of your loved one and reflect who they were in life.

I am passionate about working with you and your family to compose a truly ‘authentic, memorable and real’ funeral service, that will uniquely and affectionately, honour your loved one, along with touching the hearts of everyone present, leaving them with indelible memories of a beautiful ceremony to farewell your loved one.

I provide ongoing, unlimited assistance, via email or phone throughout the planning, preparation and presentation of the service, guiding and supporting you and others who may be part of the ceremony also providing a Eulogy Guide and assistance in composing the Eulogy for your loved one.

You will receive a draft prior to the ceremony for your approval and a bound presentation copy at the completion of the service, including everyone’s contribution on the day.

I can guarantee you, with my experience as a radio presenter for many years, a professional, yet warm and genuine service for your loved one, that has been composed and delivered with kindness, care and compassion. I would consider it an honour and a privilege to be your celebrant, supporting you and your family through this difficult time.

Please feel free to contact me directly, as a proudly independent celebrant, or through the funeral director of your choice, I am also available for Funerals services in Perth. I will leave you with comments from my beautiful clients who in their darkest hours have taken the time to leave me such a special gift in their words of gratitude.

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