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About me

I am qualified to marry you, that was the hard part. I can create a beautiful ceremony from your story, that’s the easy part, but most importantly I engage and connect with you, your friends, family and guests in a light-hearted way and that’s the meaningful part.


This is what I offer:

I tell your love story as your wedding ceremony, nothing is pre scripted except the legals that understandably I have to get right.


Getting married is an expensive affair no matter how big or small, weddings take a lot of time, effort and money, on your part and I respect that, so I’m not a ‘McDonald’s style Marriage celebrant’, moving from one ceremony to the next and the next all in one day hoping no one runs late, stressing everyone out, because very rarely is a bride on time, (sorry ladies but its true) so for everyone’s sanity I only ever do one wedding a day.

Atmosphere has to be created you can’t buy it, you have to have the right person there, someone who will engage with people and create the right setting and that is really what you are paying me for.


There is nothing worse than not hearing a ceremony, or having someone not able to operate their PA equipment efficiently, I’ve worked on radio for many years so know what I am doing and how to present a professional service whilst creating a unique atmosphere for everyone there.


Sure you can add your own style to your wedding ceremony, as long as it’s safe and legal I’m happy to make it work for you.

Nothing annoys me more that when asking for price, people value add afterwards, when you ask for my fee that is what you get, an all inclusive, price, nothing hidden or added on afterwards, that includes legal fees, lodgement fees, travel, rehearsal (if you want) PA system, and post ceremony lodging of documents too, just to save you the hassle.

I appreciate and value anyone who shares this special day with me so therefore you receive a copy of your wedding ceremony along with a very special little keep sake at the end, which shall remain a surprise.

“Two people fell in love, and you all turned up!” no one is invited to a wedding these days unless they are special and if they are that special to you, they need to be looked after, involved, guided and included in your wedding ceremony celebrations.

They need to be told to ‘sit down’ on the chairs you’ve provided for them, they need to be told to turn their phones off just for half an hour of their life and be present  and just maybe save posting on Facebook until tomorrow when they are all recovering.


They need to know when they can begin the kissing, hugging and back slapping and congratulating once the formalities are over, so as well as marrying you that is what I am there for, to make sure they enjoy the ‘serious side’ of the day, after all that’s why they turned up!


So you see, engaging a celebrant isn’t really just about the legal side, it’s about making sure everyone feels the love, feels involved and feels cared for – not unlike marriage really.

And last but certainly not least, love has no gender, so let’s celebrate together whatever kind of love you have.

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